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My first Gig with my Sister

It was 9th of November, Friday, a regular day for my Sister, as you now before, Ichyl, sing with her band in a cafe called Tokove, which located on Kemang Selatan VII, I forgot the name of the "ruko". but yea there was we.

I asked her weeks before if I can have an opportunity to jam with her, with my violin. Turned out, I only played like 3 songs, disaster one, and also sang a song with her, a cover song from Fleet Foxes, Tiger Mountain Peasant. But we sang it the way First Aid Kid way.

My parents heard our rehearsal hours before I headed to the venue, they were like amazed when finally they got a chance to hear me singing. Well, yes, I never sing in front of them, it was like my private embarrassment to show my capability infront of my own family.

I sang alot back in collage. I had a band, and actually collaborated with some bands too in our Campus events. I done the violin parts and also sings for many songs that time. But the past was the past. I left that activities when I got to the ending of my study year. It was such a lost for me to leave that part of favorite thing I had back in the life of Bandung comfortableness.

Also, in that opportunity, I invited my new friend, someone called Momo, who actually has a real name Hendra Rahtomo, but somehow he has a artist name, called Rayiekha Racht, if I wasn't mistaken.
Haha, it was some big burden for me to actually play infront of new people. But, well, booze makes everything goes well. hahha

It was some huge experience for me to have guts to play spontaneously in front of stranger. I used to play with people I know, groupies -they so called. Well, if I do want to be a professional player i have to be brave enough to play solo, or being outstanding with my instrument capability. BUT IT WAS SO HARD TO ACHIEVE. Orchestra made me have this kind of safe zone, I could play whatever tune it produced, and no one will actually realized if I made a lot of mistakes. haha

I should grow any faster if I want to achieve my France dream. YOU SHOULD!

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