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Wine Philosophy

The cheapest one doesn't mean anything to wine lovers, might be just something to drink to waste some time, or they might just hate it and think they rather not drink it.

Local wine, some cheap wine that produced in our own land, make believe, to show how we love our own land and use or consume our product. Still, valued as a cheap wine.

so.. here it goes.

Wine philosophy (my own perspective - don't mend it)

A bottle of wine, usually said is good when it is old, kept for so long, for years - depends on what kind of the grapes thou - and, brand, the country that produce it, so on and so on.

Local Wine from Bali, Indonesia. Named Hatten Wines - Aga Red.

So new local wine, produced in this year, means it still so young, no bitter taste, only sour and sweet, and just like that. When you keep it longer, either it will change to something good, or it will waste away(forgotten), i don't know for sure.

So, what i want to describe is that, this new produced wine symbolize a new beginning. Give it to someone, with some intention, either only a gift or some offering. But why cheap? my reason, because I don't know if it's worth to be something expensive for something that I don't now for sure how the outcome will occurs to be.

If the one who receive it drink it all in a second, well, it might turns to be he/she does not think any meaning of the gift. But if he/she keep it, and try to wait until the wine turns to be good, better taste, then he will get the good outcome from the gift.

This is some philosophy referring to some action I'm going to do, but I don't think what will I do is necessary to be told in here, so. Just some thought, of a wine, which I don't really expert in, not at all actually. haha

So, when there's some changes, I will be grateful. If it doesn't, I had nothing to loose.
Let the good be good, and the bad goes away.

sincerely, mostly, apologize manner, hopefully will be accepted.

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