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Hello life!

Hey there readers, who ever or if there is any of it, haha. It's been a while since i haven't write down any thing I experience in my daily life.

So here's a thing. There is no other life after you graduated from your study. *in this I mean after you graduate from University*

I used to have a lot of thing to do, like going here and there, being invited to go here and there from my college friend. It was something for me back then. Something I felt like a routinity I have for daily life.


I feel like I have no friends, no invitation, no whatsoever that makes me feel like I have something to do in my daylight.

Ok, I have work to do, only by the weekend. WEEKEND, the time when actually people doing fun stuff, doing nothing stuff, stroll along in their bed, relaxing, give no s**t of outside life, but here I am. Over and over again. Exhausted? A little bit. Sad? No. Happy? Not really. I don't feel like I'm living right.

I don't know what is this. A transition ? Is it?

Well, I depend on my music life, I put all of my faith in my music activity. I trust it to be my number one - I-don't-care-about-anything-else- distraction of this boredom I felt just a while ago.

Yesterday, eh.. the day before yesterday, I was having this concert with my orchestra, as usual, with this unique performance ofcourse, a short so-called mini opera *I gave the name myself*.

It was soooooooooo much filling my spirit, I felt alive.

But, now.. that it has been done, I feel emptied with another nothing to do activity awaits for me in the morning everytime i wake up.

well. Life. I still seeking for the new way to get into my future path thou. Hopefully, the more I get intense being serious in this dream I have, the way will showed it self.


O yea, I was invited for a job interview from a Bank, I went for the interview, but then I turned them down because I believe, banking job isn't my field. It was a weird experience thou, I wasted some opportunity given by someone that I actually didn't expect to be invited to.
And yes, another job interview came by, I will be interviewed for a Staff Production in Metro TV, a media in Indonesia, thankfully Dita help me with the CV I gave her days before, thats why I'm invited to do the interview. This field is kinda interesting for me because somehow it connected with the major I have been studied for the past 4 years. International news segment. But I still a little bit , just a little bit doubting whether I'm gonna take the job or not. I still can't let go my teaching job. I can't imagine how am I gonna do two works at one time. Guess I have to think some way to do this without changing to much schedule I already have.

Also a coffee shop business I tried to build, just starting the plan thou, it also became something that actually will mixed up with what will happened if I got accepted for this work.

Hey , I'm not that bored, are I ? I'm actually have lots to do, and do busy -just realized it- but, why am I feeling this uncomfortably solitary ?

well, whatever.

Well, maybe this is from me for tonight. Hope that something will happen tomorrow so I can share exciting stories, not just this blabbering rubbish thing I always do. And anyway, I want to post some photos I made the other day for a freelancer job I had from my friend, but I think it was strictly cannot be posted before the magazine or the work published. So. This is it, only words, with no picture.

Good night Universe. I love you solitary life.

PS: I am not grieving for my self, I just got bored for this present time. Tomorrow will be a good day, so I will be cheerfully share a happy story next time.

Adios, Bon nuit

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