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weird funny experience

Today, i went back to bandung by travel , as usual, it was departed at 12 o'clock and arrived at 2.30 pm.
i usually searched for a taxi to go back to my crib, but i wanned to try angkot, a city transportation. i've waited for about 20 minutes, and there's none of it came along.. i started to be impatient, and i saw 3 old folks waiting beside me too. One of them asking the direction to me, as well as i know, they were heading the same way as i did.
Minutes by minutes and no angkot arrived, so i called a taxi.
I've already got into the taxi when suddently the old folks asking me, can they join me in the taxi together, well, somehow i felt i know they're tired and need lift as soon as possible, so i told them, sure they can. So we drive along the road chatting and talking, thank God they were nice people, they told me to pay just 5000 rupiahs then they continued their way.
As i get to my room, i realized, i missed to get my change from the travel ticket i paid. How stupid i am forgetting things so easily. 10.000 rupiahs is a big amount that i could used it for other things indeed, so i called the travel agent and told them that i forgot to asked for the change. and they said i can have it anytime i go there. hehe
Everytime i traveled along Jakarta- Bandung, i always had different experience. I'm looking forward for another trip. :)


EditTag said...

welcome back to bandung. wish you have another unforgettable moment while coming back to bandung.

wendee said...

thank you, looking forward for that soon :)