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love as i seen is very confusing

I'm really curious about friendship things,especially in relationship word.  I have this friends, this two people were not connected each other until i found out yesterday.
So there was this Febby and Kanni. Kanni is my senior, in my organization, we had this numbering things, and each year which has the same number would be having like a connection as a brother and sister, so Kanni is my brother in number.

And this Febby is my junior, but she's in a different number with mine. We were not to close to each other, not until i moved to Bandung and she started to greet me oftenly by Msn, so as much as i get, it could be called we are close enough to share some story. Actually, she like to share her love story, she had this bad timing relationship with her boyfriend, which is now her X, she kept telling me that she was so sad loosing him like this and that, she didnt wanna loose him and she wanted him back for sure, but as the time goes by, and as i told her to gave up to an empty hope as she told me, she finally said that she made up her mind, and wanted to move on, i told her, thats a great thing she has chosen.

But then, finally i was contacted by kani, he said he wanted to tell me a good news he got on the day he was celebrating his birthday, he told me that he was just having a new fresh relationship with someone that i actually new but he said i'm not close enough to her. Apparently i was thinking, Kani was just broke up with a sad ending term with his x, he got me listen to his story over and over again which only telling me that he still didn't accept his lost. When he said he already have a new relation, i started to ask, how come people change easily, i though they will stay in their last (as they say) "true love" but in a second, they made up their mind!
The more thing that shocked me up, that Kani's new girlfriend is Feby! how the hell they were attached one to another, they even didnt know each other not until Kani met her accedently when Feby was just dismissed from school.
But when they told me that their in a relationship, what can i do? is their decision, i cannot messed around on their business. All I can say just may they have a long last relation.
they thank me. Actually, i'm not saying it deep down from my heart, there's still something hanging in my brain that i thought about them, but i dont much care about it.

Today, Kani asking me, and telling me, that Febby's boyfriend was asking her about their relationship. As i know , they were broke up so febby can have some time to proove to her X that she can change, (febby had a little mess personality). But then her X was disapointed, when he found out she already with Kani, the man that she knew just a day ago, well, if i was her X, i totally will leave her instead, but because febby have told me her feeling, i know deep down in her , she really want to go back with him. Now is her problem for making this such unwise decision, i cannot much help, i only can make this a lesson for all of us, think about what we want to do and what we wanted to have wisely, because second chance may will not come again. I feel sory for you guys for having that much of problem.

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