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first post


This is my first time to do blogging things. the reason is i was just so bored and i think, writing my story would be fun.
so here it goes..
today is my 28th days live in bandung.. its not much to say, because i really don't have much things to do here, i don't have cars, and its caused much trouble for me, because in here, especially along the way to ciumbuleuit ( this is the name of my area ) have city transportation only until 6 pm. after that, its so hard to find any transportation to go back home, so i rarely go for hanging out.
It's so boring, every night just stay alone in my room, doing not much things such as watching tv , again and again and again. Chatting with some friends who is not every time showed up. I was hoping i could get my car sooner.

Today, at the campus, i made a few photos with my new friends. I don't really remember what their name is, its so hard to remember, because some of them have the same name, but different
 nickname. Sometime I think, how do I have to say to make me seen  more friendly, because i have this personality which if they don't know me well, they would say that I'm  unkind and unfriendly. It's just i don't feel much comfortable yet with this new situation. But I admit that, they are cool. I could have some fun with them.
At night, i attended Capoeira , it's the second time i attended the practice, its a lot of fun. Learning how to do the acrobatic move is very fun, but also giving me a lot of preasure, i cant lift my body easily! ahahaha i need more practice , because practice makes perfect. Tomorrow I'm going back to Jakarta until Monday. I guess that's what i need, to go home and see my family, i think i'm a little bit homesick in here. 
So, the day almost over, i guess i'm going to finish today's story, see you in my other story.
Good Nite, :)

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