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POTRET- a new way to renew my day :)

i'm very happy to join this activities with a group called potret parahyangan, an organization which have more enthusiasm. Basically , i joined this group, because i have more interest in photograph, and i also really really don't know what am i suppose to do to spend my time if i'm not being busy with my assignment.
The first day of potret's activity, we were having this introduction of the senior who will guide us for the first lesson of photographing.
I saw one boy, who really did attractive. I have once met him before, when i was seeking for the register form, he was so contemptuous , unfriendly , with a high voice, very very uncomfortable. I started to mocking him like an hour, because he made me having a little bad time.
But when i saw him introducing him self, i don't know why, i felt so weird, i can't take my eyes off of him. I really watching him from the moment he was there until we dismiss the diklat. Ow, i feel so weird.
That night , he was all over my mind, i cant stop asking who is he, what is his name? It feels so awful, making me nervous and its really-really uncomfortable.
Today, my group should have a meeting in Potret's Secretary room. I went there all by my self, i was hoping he was there, but unfortunately, he wasn't.
I waited with some senior, we watched DVD, and there HE CAME.. haahha
My heart pumped so fast it was like i'm going to threw my heart out of my chest. He came with 2 seniors, the other two was introducing them self, but not him! i still didn't know what his name is! Even he was sitting beside me, i still can't talk anything! ow it was so embarrassing. 
Then when they was talking, i tried to catch a name, and finally someone called him! now i know who he is! ow, i'm so happy.
isn't it obvious, just by knowing his name, making me smiling like over an hour, haha, i feel stupid for my self.
I really looking forward to see him every time and every day. Im hoping i could have a chat then a relationship with him. ahhahahaha
POTRET, i love you.. you make the sun shine brighter everyday! give more to have fun.
see you guys sooner :D

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