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January 2010

hail to the 1st day of 2010

here's the deal, i can't even say that i'm happy with those countdown thingy we did on the last day of 2009

hell i wanna stay home, even alone, but i might feel peace after all

it was the last piece of my dark thought i always have in 2009

whatever it is, it's going to change in a life time, 2010, my favorite number for now, is going to be a big year to get through cos i have plenty lists of goals.

see what i can do to achieve it

i'm no longer minding all of the broken things back those days, mending all the things just making my stomach even more ill than thinking what i will have this beautiful new year.

whatever it is i will think about it every next present day, and the day after, i'll exactly do what i think i should do, no more doubting, no more postponing

i'll be just live and go through where the wind blows. even there will be a hurricane or something, i'll live

you, i believe i will never find another way around to have the same you all over again. but i do believe, i won't forget any moment i had, and there you are , you will always be the satellite.

but time will tell when it is the moment for the planet find another one

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