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Jakarta, December 2009

so, I write this with expectation that soon I'll get bored enough so I can go to bed.

last night, I went with this so-called "Lula" friends that was actually my having-fun-go-mad friends.

we made a late-Christmas-dinner in a restaurant named The Apartment, which located in Kuningan.

so here's how the story goes.

we had planned for this dinner like weeks before we even finish our last semester. we were to excited to make this gorgeous dinner happen. we planned this and that and get stuffed with our own imagination. but the thing is, before all the thing happen as we planned, Jason must go to Japan, which reducing 1 personnel from what we have planned. also Genta still in the.. hmm middle of Java, so he can't join this dinner.

8 people it is. me, boncel, petra, ajeng, dita, iprit, je, and rahmi.

i went with boncel as he was the driver to the so called - police everywhere road- we must go by.
i went to his place like before 7 pm, and arrived more and less 7 oclock , and we went straight to kuningan , which i thought would be jammed , but happened to be very smooth and we arrived like 15 minutes afterward.

still got 45 minutes to get by because the reservation was on 8. so we spend the minutes in the car, which he was singing our theme song for the day, VIERA -RASA INI , which not included to one of my favorite song, but he seemed like it after all -_-. oia, we spend almost more than 10 minutes to parked my car. he was a good driver, but maybe he got a nervous break down , he seemed like couldn't find a perfect fit to park my car. haha that was funny thou. he got my nerves too. i was afraid he would crash my car. haha no i believe in you dad. hahaha

so, we.. actually only he, sang those Indonesian songs played by the radio while we waited the others to come. finally dita iprit and ajeng came and we entered the restaurant.

checked on the menu, goshh.. it was soo expensive, thank God that i've already eat somehow before i went there because i must took my medicine before to late, so i only ordered Cafe latte, which i thought 25bucks would be more than enough ( i didn't think about the taxes which in the end surprisingly making me desperate)

and boncel, asked to company him to grab some coffe, outside the building, which the price was way on the contrary , cheaper. hahaha
so we went outside, leaving the girls behind while they were chatting on something and bla bla bla

then petra came, also je and rahmi, which arrived like a half hour later, and we started to order the foods.

after that, we kinda,, hmm felt like we were meant to order a bottle of.. wine. yea, red wine, which i don't know why do i say yes in the first place. now i have to stay at home for several days cos i've used all of this week money . hmm
but it was good. we had cheers to the prospect of our new year, and we chit chat like we don't care about the time. and when the time for the last order had come, time to pay the bill and leave this expensive place. but again, it was so fun to have this "dinner". we should do this again.

the guys wanted to move our butt to somewhere else, so we went to 7/11 , which i really intended to go to, i craved for slurpee this several days, and boncel want to grab a hot dog ( which i promoted with persuasive words ), so the guys also were coming with us, but me and dad got the wrong turn , we passed the first turn so we went to a longer road before we reach 7/11. man, i don't really know kuningan street, i hate to drive there.

we got to 7/11, i bought slurpee, and the others bought their snack, we met several old friends, we chat, they smoked, and after that one by one gone to their house.

my duty to drop je and boncel home, so after that, i got home by 1 am, well, more then that i guess.

this day was quite fun. no extraordinary things, but gather after not seeing 1 week after seeing each day in bandung was really something that we were look forward to do, so.. this was it.

now, its 2.33, and i haven't feel sleepy yet. i bet someone who said "gw blom ngantuk kayanya gw nonton dvd dulu" already had gone sleep like a beauty baby there. haha he didn't reply my sms which i need the reply soon.

well, enough for talking crap..

still, all of my posts will be ended by a sweet closing

"yesterday we were like a north and south pole , we were attracted one to each other. tomorrow, or even today, some of us will or have broken that we actually now rejecting one to each other. but somehow, what happened in the reality wasn't what we meant in our mind, heart and dream. sleep tight love ones and we will get through everything . Night, see you in the next scrap of my life stories."

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