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2nd day 2010

so, how was your 1st day of 2010 ? was it fun?

so i spent the 1st day not much with sleeping and things, we went to Pacific Place and grabbed a Ramen dinner with the whole family.

2nd day of 2010

i started the day like almost late noon. i woke up and still felt so sleepy but my mom drag our body ( me and my sister ) to my uncle's place , located somewhere in Bumi Serpong Damai ( looks like i have to get used with those unreachable location which i'm going to live in about another 8 months ) and hell, yeah the day felt so hot.

the sun shines to bright, i can feel the heat all over my skin, caused me a skin burn in about 2 seconds since i walked out the door. God, i felt terrible, my skin turned red, it itched in several part, and it hurts like hell

weird , huh ?

yes, because of my allergic, i really can't be in open spaces where i could get burn by the light, i have to keep my body in the shadow. it was the reaction of my medicine. i shall call my self night person, not because i hang out in the night, but because i can't go out when the sun still high. i wish i can show you guys how red i am, but i didn't take my own picture, i wouldn't even think about taking picture while i was screaming in pain

yes, it was like a really horrible travel through the freeway when you got your self strain in this bright road, with no tall buildings shadowing the road, i can only buried my self deeper in the car, and getting my self cold by the AC.

so we arrived , and we chat, owyea , my grandmother was there too, and she said she'll be visiting and sleep over like, today, or somewhen ..

we had lunch, and after that we were going back home.

home, it's almost evening, i called Dita and asked her to go somewhere , and yes we went and have dinner at Plaza Senayan, Ajeng were with us too.

after that we went to Bakoel to have a night chat, and drank some coffee, well too people that usually notice something, i didn't take anything out. only original coffee.

not bad for this 1st saturday night in 2010, well i was hoping i could go for something more exciting but what can i say , this was all i can get.

now, lets find another experience. i'll tell about it later guys. see you

1 comment:

Ajeng said...

do you happen to be.... wendee cullen?