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turned to be 19 !

Hey there, finally i can write my birthday story. fufufu

So here it goes, started on 14th July ,, hm no no, started on 13th, it was Monday, i stroll along the freeway to Bandung , first task was to attend this kind of meeting that held by the Internal-member to talk about Gintre 2009's progress.
So i arrived around 1-2 pm, and i got to my new "so-called home" , i cleaned my room, prepared for the meeting, and attended it.
After that, i met Cassey, who has arrived night before with Jason, mmm i kinda forgot what i was doing that day, as i remember i just can't wait the day to change to be 14th July, because i was getting my 1st TATTOO!!

Yes, Tattoo, that was my own birthday present..

o yes i remember , that night (13th) me and my Mafioso family having this arisan, which we had delayed for about 2 times, so i called the members who was available in Bandung to come to Kobel, and we have some fun, i did win the June row. Haha :D
That night, i feel like i want to go sleep as soon as possible, but the nerves just got me 100% awake and just stared at the celling till , i don't know what time, till finally i fell asleep.
and i really woke too early on the 14th. hihihi
you guys know how did it feels, just like you're going to the 1st day of school, so much excitement, yea, kinda bit like that.hihi

14th July, we were heading to Kimik's place (the tattoo artist) somewhere in Cisitu lama -Bandung.
I talked and showed him my hand drawing - a Symbol that symbolized my religion, my family that always watch my back (thats why i put it on my back).
It's a very simple drawing, i wished Kimik would improvised it. Actually he didn't put much different from the basic drawing.
But it turns out to be a very cool tattoo anyway. I love the eye, so realistic :D
You must know this, it was not as i thought how it hurt it will be, the first touch of that i don't know alat apa itu namanya, jarum nya yg segede bagong itu lah, hahaha.
1st touch, kaget , geli, and still , cool lah.
2nd, 3rd, 4th, i just can say , "O MY GOD".
It hurts like hell (well, i'm way to hyper). No, it's not that hurt.
But, hey, no pain, no gain, wasn't it. hihi

I can't talk even thou Cassey and Jason tried to distract me from the pain, well, its impossible not to feel if anypart of your body being hurt, right?
After 1 hour struggle with the pain, finally, it's done! haha
And look at it, i'm so proud to have this on my back.

This symbol means; 4 wings as my family: my dad, my mom, Mba upie and Ichyl, always lift me up whenever i feel low or down ( i wish it's true, somehow, ichyl oftenly makes me down).
And the cross, means my religion, and the eye means they will watch over my back all the time.

After that, we went to Eji's place, which near Kimik's, we had a little chat, we ate together, than we back to our place. I tried to get some rest, but it's still hurt enough, i just stayed awake, and started to lose my energy somehow.
It was my party night.
My sisters and bestfriends already got there to celebrate it.
Kobel friends, ordered to celebrate it with JackDaniel and get wasted somehow, i wanted it, so then i bought it.

Because there were Mba Upie, Mba Icha,Bone, Kota, Athe, Jason and Cassey too, they also buy some vodka and other drinks.
Even thou that night wasn't a big party, but i did have a lot of fun, gathered with new friends and old friends , best friend and siblings, yea, there was no mom and dad, but their prayer still companying my night.

So much fun. Thank you guys if you wished something for my best. haha that's a good gift too thou
these are some photos taken by, i dont know. hehe
Jeger ya
Mill, muka jelek bukan salah gw! haha

I love you guys so much!
Sebenernya berharap yang laen bisa pada ikut, tapiiiiii... yaaaah ini uda lewat tengah malem, apa boleh dikata, pasti juga pada ga bisa dateng, jadi yang merayakan ya anak kontrakan aja fufufu

Kado nya memang ga terlalu banyak, tapi dengan berkumpul, itu udah hadiah buat gw :D ehhehe

Setelah itu, on Thursday, my sisters went home, and i stayed because i want to company Jason and Cassey to get their 2nd Tattoo.
Here are the pictures

Cassey's tattoo is her father's face
Jason's is a background for his 1st tattoo (griffin)

Nice, rite?

After Bandung-ing, i celebrate my birthday with my family, we just had dinner at KFC Blok M, unusual place as a family place, tapi yaa, jarang-jarang kan, cool banget deh.

OIA, just after i got home from Bandung, i confess my tattoo to my parents and they were cool with it.
I love you mom, dad. haha

It's healing now, and it's very itchy!
Can't wait to show it to everyone! hahaha

kidding, i just want to keep it for my self, thats why i made it hidden.
somehow, i can't wait to make my 2nd tattoo! hahaha

Need to save more money for it


Anonymous said...

half drooling.
I love it ew, nice picture and philosophy. I hope it brings you much much luck and confidence.. haha
the good part is that your fam being so very very fine with that.

Anonymous said...

wow! cool.. kayaknya mahal deh bikinnya :) tp worth it kok.. keren :)

wendee said...

well, actually its not that expensive,emang gede, tapi beneran deh di Kimik tu murah banget, ampe ga enak gitu karna dihargain nya sangat murah,hehehe
well, i recommend him if you want to make tattoo, the potrait is so nice, and he's so friendly, ga mahal beneran :D

viakong said...

i love your tattoooo happy birthday weeemmm, perayaanya tunggu gw pulang bawa kado buat lo hihihi

*hyde marge* said...

tattoo yg seru sekali...


wendee said...

@via : hehe thanks vi, yes i'll be waiting for you (and the present too) hahaha have fun in europe :D

wendee said...

@joe : hehe thank you , it is seru ! hahaha