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killing time :(

it has been about 6 days since i stuck at home,apparently being alone oftenly, because I'm so sick of my allergic thingy ( i started to feel tired about this sickness ).

My routine such as, i wake every 9 a.m , eat my breakfast, drink my meds, wait till everybody left the house, and start being bored all the time.

i started to dig out old stuff, dvds, books, and else. and i found this dvds, TV series, GhostWhisperer, have you guys seen it?

at first, the first, and second seasons are average for me, but it helps me kill this boring time, so i stayed watching each episodes. when it hits the third season, it much more interesting because it's not just about those ghost thingy, it became so intense with the love, life , and family. i started to love watching melinda gordon with her action, i love to see how she work things out and she had her husband supported her very much.

and, what makes me so damnly embarrassed was, in the fourth season, i cried like hell when they were about to have this having baby plan, her husband jim, got shot and killed, the scene were really touches me so damn bad. i did cried like a baby.

it was really rare to see me cry because of a movie. but i dont know, its just seeing their love bound them very tight , makes me envy them so much ( i know, i'm being hypocrite because this is just a movie ). but i think , love like that would have been so much beautiful when you have your partner's trusted you deeply, and you just cant help falling for it's comfortable love, they barely fighting.

and how the husband's ghost tried to stay earth bound to be with his wife , forever, he picked another body and stayed to life much longer, even thou he had seen the light (the path to other lifes). he chose to stay. how lovely it is.

well, i havent finished watch the whole episodes, i just cant held my tears not to fall fiercely.
i guess i have to find out how it'll end.

this is just a junk post anyway. killing time, as it appeared as it's title :D

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