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things to be shared

Many things i want to write since a had a blast "turn-to-19" party nite at my new "house" in Bandung, the one called 'kobel' , fulfill with bestfriends and sisters, many things talked and shared, but haven't got the chance because the internet connection is so damn low.

So i better wait till i get home tomorrow, so many things i want to share here. I haven't edit the evidence (photos) yet, so, it is not the right timing to write those happy things i had.

I just want to say, i feel very happy, but also sad, why did i feel sad? because something slip through my mind but i cannot get the explanation of that situation happened on my birthday night.

Simply, this is just a killing time typing things, i better get to sleep soon, tomorrow will be Cassey's and Jason's day to get their "2nd" tattoo. I cant wait to see it.

Hmmm tomorrow i'll be back to Jakarta, leaving this cold comforting air, also leaving something that really did make up my day , even just by words.
I cant hope much, because i'm just no one.

Begun by feeling, left up by fear. I just cant held that feeling anymore.

I'm so much afraid.

Anyway, good night. cant wait to write my story.

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