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project that failed

24 JUNE 2009
it was a photosession project i made for my friend, Ratna, which turned to be failed.

my goal was, i wanted to make Ratna "girly" because she's just to handsome in other way. hahaha

i've tried to make-over her face, it was like i've changed her makeup all over again just to find the right match to show her beauty face. i thought i had, but when i started the photoshoot, turns out the make up made her even more handsome, hahaha

well, i guess there was nothing i can do to change her look.

this are some of the photos

She's handsome, right guys? hahaha


regi said...

you should make her wear a skirt or a dress, wendee. haha

wendee said...

i've prepared for about 3 dresses for that shoot, but, i just cant find the perfect make up yet, well, there'll be 2nd project, she'll wear a very girly dress next time ahhaha