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hey there.

just lying around not because there's nothing to do, but just because your body cant afford to wake up and have a little activities, this killing me a lot.

i was just having a big experience, the one i would like to call near-dying experience.
so the story goes like this,
it was 3 am and i woke instantly by something wrong i felt just after i had this weird dream-well i don't exactly sure i was dreaming or not, it's just to absurd to remember.
then i tried to go back to sleep, i've closed my eyes, but then i felt so thirsty so i grabbed a bottle of water i've saved beside my bed, i drank it then i went back to sleep.
that water i drank, i can feel it in my throat. it didn't go down as i expected the way usually i drank it. i felt sick right at the moment, so i ran to the bathroom and i threw up. i grabbed a glass of water again, but then i felt even more sicker than before, so i went to my parent's room. i woke them up, then i joined them slept in their bed.

i felt something worse then ever, my stomach ills so bad, i can even heard the grumbling in it, and i started to puck, again again and again.
i don't even remember how it went so long, i just remember how nice bathroom floor was, i slept on it. how nice to hug the toilet as if i don't want to be drag far from it.

i screamed, cried, puck, all over again, i can't sleep even thou i felt like passed out somehow, i remember all the pain. pff

finally i just can't stand it, i asked to be brought to the hospital, and so then i they brought me to RS Gandaria, i was checked, and injected as i count like 9 injection, and i felt peace , finally.
still can't open my eyes, but i can breath easily since there.

straight back home, i just fell to sleep, till i woke almost night, i ate a little porridge and had my medicines, then i fell over to sleep again.

now i'm awake, i feel so much freshened , i wish i can do a lot more activity but everytime i do a lot movement, it just make me sick. so i just lay down since morning, grab a book, i wish i can have some chat, but unfortunately my messenger error somehow, hffff

these holiday i have for about 2 months, i spent it almost with pain and sickness, i wonder why was that -_-
allergic, poisoned by drugs, poisoned by food, what else ? thank God it almost over ( i wish )

well, as i said before, don't play with anykind of drugs , medicine, or even ordinary food, keep your good health and you'll do fine

i guess i'm going back to sleep now :( Tschüss

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