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finally being gathered around for a few times in this week after we seperated for a long time since, me gone to college in Bandung, and Kota, stays for his study in Jakarta.

So when me had this semester holiday, we back to Jakarta, we hoped that we could find some old friends back in Warning, the one which supposed to be our second home but unfortunately now just being an ordinary warung to stop by. We can only find Kota that always stays around there, either only stop and go after he got off his campus, or just stop by when he has a date with his girl, or even killing time by playing at the Hin city (somekind of warnet-warung internet- that i've never touched). Well, actually that kind of stuff also being Jason routine.

After Cassey arrived from Jogjakarta, we did meet each other and spent quality time for like a day, but she had to pack her belonging days after because she was going to shanghai with her family (She's having a blast holiday rightnow actually, i envy). So, back to back, Jason again again and again the one to spend my day with (not everyday, but oftenly).

And so then it all started this week, Monday, I went to watch some movie with Jason, and also Kota was invited, )he didn't know that we were going to watch movie, but he already came, so what can he say, he join us.
Just before that. I did something bad.

Unfortunately i had this kind of curiousness about anything people done in this life time.
You know drugs, drinks, things that may damage and killed your self, but i don't do it actually.( I WAS NOT)

But not anymore.

I just i had this big curiousness.
Seemly like, i know some guy who did those kind of things and lately i was tempted to asked them for it.

Naa, on that Monday date day, I did one. I ate one of a drug , i forgot what its name, it didn't gave much effect to your body, you just feel like you're doing so relax, you don't feel any adrenaline rush, or somekind of like that.

That was my first time.

The next day, i was just told if i want to keep the effect for the next day, i just need to drink coffee and sodas, so i drank , A LOT.
It did work, i feel happy afterall.

The next day, still i did the same things , also, i took another 2 pills, of the same type i took on monday.
Still the same effect.

Yesterday. I took a diffrent type of pills, I started to get addicted to those kind of stuff.
Really, i do.
And this one, really had a big difference effect as the last type i took.
Very very uncomfortable feeling i felt inside my self.
I was being very-very tired like i need to sleep for a thousand years, and i did.
I went home and i cant even remember how, when i awake, it's already 2 pm today.
I slept to much. And i still felt lots of dizzy.
This kind of stuff took a lot of bad effect , you could do bad things that you wouldn't even remember that you've done it.
You may damage your brain, you forgot what you've just did, where you put your stuff, where you were heading to, anything bad. It could happened.

I had enough for now.
Really am.
I asked everyone i trusted to pull me out when i start to act that i need one.
I need their help.
I just, i dont strong enough to pull my self out.
I just have this problems and this becoming my run away item from my problems.
Its very very wrong.
I knew it.
I just CAN'T !!!!!

Just remind this.
This things are extremely BAD, so

I am embarrassed,
but this must be said to anyone.


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