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how if you find out a secret that totally ruined your day, your heart, your life, but you are sure that it wasn't true, but you didn't know how to find it out. what would you do? what would you try to do ?

how if you feel like you know someone, you feel like you know her/him like a lifetime, even thou you only know her/him like only from yesterday, and you fall for her/him but you didn't sure how to show it because you took a wrong action from the first time. what would you do? how would you tell it?

how if the person you loved dump you because he/she so much care about you but you didn't look like you care and you just ruined your own image until you found out that they tired and even hated you but he/she didn't tell you about what he/she think or feel about your mistake? what would you do? will you apologize?

back to the first question, what if the person you loved had that torturing secret, but you found out from other person, and you absolutely didn't know how to find that out, but you are really really curious about the truth, will you ask straight to him/her, will you believe in anything he/she say?

there's too much question i had, and this is for a person that totally special in my daily life, for this present day.

why would human had this feeling? it is so f*cked up for my heart.

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