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Hey there !

Hey guys, its been a long time for my absence updating my post. well, i was kinda busy with some stuff, actually i did plan to write about the Lebaran holiday we had (19-27 september) but i just lost my enthusiasm when i faced my lovely McBlake ( my laptop ).

so i guess i'll just catch up my missing stories , rite guys.
oia, i feel like to write again after i read this post from my cousin, it encourage me to write again. hehehe feel free to visit her here.

so, where do i have to start?


lets start from the beginning of the holiday.
i went back to Jakarta on 17th september because i had no class on Friday, after i finished Thursday class, i jumped and rushed back home with my friend.
so we arrived in Jakarta in the afternoon, but i stayed to company Ajeng until she had to catch up her parents somewhere i forgot. hehe

then i went back by TransJakarta, carrying heavy stuff, because i thought spending 1 week would need much stuff to spend with. it was too heavy that i hurt my arm because i kept carrying with my left hand, not switching even just a moment.

when i arrived, it was kinda late, so i only hug my mom, cause my dad's already sleeping.

lets skip till the day after, i spent the day doing nothing, but then i went to senayan city with boncel ( hmm was it the day after of what day , i forgot already ). yea anyway, i went with his brothers too. also i met jason there, he said he was only going to eat, and killing time so i company jason for a while.

okay. lets skip again till the day of my departure to Semarang.

Saturday, we went early in the morning. we used to left like 3 a.m but because we actually haven't done much preparation the day before, it was delayed like till 5 or 6 a.m then we went and hit the road.

it was still early in the morning that we thought we wont catch any traffic jam. but after we drove along , somewhere i dont know the name, the road was split and there were much of policeman redirecting our way, till we had to head off Cilenyi , ( was that the name? haha ) we actually may drove in Cikampek if we wait 1 hour later. yea, it wasn't our luck to go by there.
And because we went by Cilenyi , we were stuck in the the middle of nowhere for about more than 12hours. It was so much suck. the sun up high and it felt like we've been roasted by the heat. oh i hate that crowd.

lets skip again till we arrived in Semarang. we stayed at hotel horrison, and we did have a great lebaran celebration along with my mom's family, also we visited dad's family to the day after.

me and my sister had a great quick photo shoot in taman makam pahlawan, actually we did that every year, but this time, my sister really prepared for the photo shoot.

here's some of the photo

after that photo shoot session, i took a few pictures when we visited the (hmm i dont know how to write the name, hehe) as i remember it was named as san pok kong temple. i know, i must have wrongly remember the name. kakkaa

here's the picture

not much thing we did in Semarang, and after we went back to Jakarta, i also didn't spend much time to go hanging out with my old friends.

After I went back to Bandung, the routine started again, and there comes the boringness.
well, this is life i have chosen to have.

gotta do what i have to do.

see ya guys in other post

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