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hard sickness work

back from sickness nights (3 days 2 night) , i had high fever, 39.1 degrees really got me down but now i'm getting better.

last night i was so bored and because jason was sick too we haven't seen each other since monday, so i had a quite long chat with him.

what did we talk about? not much, nothing important, but then we talk about our job in this event we are going to have in our university on April 15th called MAKELU, it is an annual event that our campus had since ... hmm, i dont know when. we are one of the event organizer , actually my first aim was just helping jason of his too-much-excitement self doing his jobdesk as the head of event division, unfortunately now im busier than him, and he just, what... laugh ?? noo, i know he's grateful , but i wish he wont show that inappropriate act to make fun of me..

so later we talked about the guest star he had invited to this event and when i knew who they were, i felt like something missing, i realized that i was too drown by my own job desk and i didn't ask about other substance he is about to put. i didn't know about the flow, how the story will be. then he told me, this year is about trip.

what the .....

thats the only word that came to my mind. he is the only undercover person that actually mainstreamed i have ever known. *i dont know is this because i'm still eager to mad or what*
actually to get through this opinion i should have told you about other story but i dont think i should write it here anyway.

i told him i cannot follow his pattern, i have my opinion, we discussed this and that and finally he was out of word and gave me a quote from trainspotting movie

"You're not getting any younger, Mark. The world is changing, music is changing, even drugs are changing. You can't stay in here all day dreaming about heroin and Ziggy Pop."

well. he's right but still i do enjoy what he wants to serve, but do the others will?
we are not making this event for us, we are making this for THEM..
this is also have explanation that i cannot write here now.

i hope for the best, i hope what i worked so hard will be taken as something for anyone that will come on the day

make it great!

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