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youth spirit

Photo of Bitterswing i took a week ago
coming back from reality, these word i'm going to arrange seems to be just a cliché but, they are real

youth, teenage, whatsoever you would call it, we couldn't measure it just by age, by how old we are.

i see it as how we act as we grow and try to socialize with other people, in deed, how we cope where we mingle around with friends, old, new, best friend, acquaintance, or even enemies.
sometime we act better, kinder, humble with new people, as if we tried to make a good first impression with them. but to old friends, we act careless, we yell, we scream, we don't even think about how they feel with our behavior
youth, is how we feel our spirit is light up with enjoyable things
we tried many things ahead, we don't care what people said, we just do what we do, we are being our self

but is it true?

is it really "us"

somehow we show up with good feelings instead , hiding all of the bad thoughts in mind so we won't affect other people, specifically among friends.
the real thing is, when we really in the good place, the perfect fit of our needs, our real friend, you show the real you
the bad and sad stories, the happy and joyful stories, all nagging, all comments, all insult, all bragging.. we show it all. we keep it share one to another.

thats what in mind.
the fact?
no one will know which one is the truth, because we human, choose to lie
but how ever that is, sometime on those laugh, you find something precious that you will think you should keep in forever

time flies, opportunities come and go

choose what you think you want to choose, it is our right to do it

we are the youth generation, we should be better in mind and better in act
but in our own perspective. freedom .. it is

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