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you think of your self as the worst miserable person ever alive these days

you walk through the day with heavy thoughts and scream out loud with no one listening

you scream inside your heart.

you were tired with all the things surrounding

you saw you listened you moved you stopped

you care and be cared of

but still you unsatisfied.

you build a lot of armies companying every single move

they follow the order

they protect you

appear and disappear as you told them to go or to be there

still, you get even more crankier

been loved by a thousand person

all you have to do is pick one and do one

still, you ask , why nobody likes me?

you search for something good

you describe the exact personality

you picture the condition and situation

but you don't realize that she was there

you have a lot of things to condemn

but you say yes with all of your big lovely smile

your heart stumped for a revolution

the most lovable person i know alive

things get more cheesy as the time past by

they come and go to take you and separate you

i know, it's your life

you just say something pleasant , flattering me high around

stupidly, i reject you by my words.
it's my biggest looser

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