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Beberapa hari lagi menuju hari dimana gw akan melakukan hal yang benar-benar harus dipikirkan untuk impact nya seumur hidup. Hahaha
I just can't wait to have that.

13 JULI !! well, it's not the exact date i will get those HOLLY thing (fufu) but, itu hari dimana gw akan berangkat ke Bandung untuk mendapatkan nya !

Apakah itu?

Tunggu saja cerita hari gw disaat gw telah mendapatkannya, ehhehe

By the way, it's getting closer to my birthday.
19 years old, i'm not old enough, i'm still immature , but i'll think about what should i do to change my bad past to be a better future, haha

I'm going to use my talent fully useful in my new year !!

I hope so.

And, sekalian deh, actually i want to say this, just by the blog, ya kali-kali dibaca ama orangnya.

"I know that you were mad when i've done that terrible thing i've said i don't want to do, but i did. I heard it from 'the evil baby'. I once feel bad about this when i know you are actually being mad when you've said that you wouldn't care about that and you did act that you were good with it (or were i just not care whether you were being mad or not), but.. i do realize and know it's an expression that you care, so I thank you, and I apologize for my stupid decision and behavior. You're a good friend and a best friend, i just don't want to disappoint you. No more. I promise, I've struggle my self not to do those thing anymore just because i have new problems a head. I will face all my problems in a good way. Thanks for the advices, thanks for your careness. O and also, I miss you just by the day you left! you do know that. Haha. And, also, i write this in a really sobber condition. So , i do will remember that i write this for you, IF you read it ( i hope so, even maybe 1 more month from now). I love you, you're my very good friend. Take care always.Haha"

Yea, kenapa gw nulis ini di blog, karena i dont know, lagi kepikiran sekarang, maybe about 1 or 2 more hours, gw uda lupa gw mo bilang ini ke orangnya. hahaha

I can't say the name but i hope you, yang tertuju, sadar. Hahahaha


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