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Starts my Packing day !

Hari ini tanggal 5, gw harus udah mulai packing banget nget nget ga boleh enggak !

Packing? buat?

Jadi, mulai Juni ini , gw bakal tinggal di kontrakan di jalan Ranca Bentang 11, deket sama kos dad, deket sama kontrakan anak-anak.

Kontrakan gw dinamain "kobel" means kontrakan sebelas, and kontrakan anak2 "kolam"means kontrakan lama. Haha, a bit weird but unique so lets use it.

Trus, kemaren tuh gw uda mbantuin Ratna mindahin isi kamarnya and she did it like only about 1 or 2 hours. I dont even know where do i have to start to pack my things up. It's all just messed up. hahaha my bad.

Yes, this month will be the last month i play like shit in my only boredsome room.
Hopefully kobel be the best place and choice for me to grow up and have some fun.

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