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new deal

it's almost 5 pm, and i still got nothing to do.
Today suppose to be a great day because i've been waiting Boncel to come to my house, we're going to have some "fun". But unfortunately, something must be done, he didn't come because he must go BACK to bandung tomorrow. Hollycrap i must deal with this once more.

Another lonely lonely day to go. What should i do anyway?
I know i've already deal with that missing things. It didn't bother me anymore. We may see each other when i visit Bandung anyway.

Ok i lied.

Gosh, what am i suppose to do? It's still 1st June, i still have to spend another 3 days before i get to Bandung.
Dad, send me any text please, i've been longing to hear anything from anyone.

Anyway, still got curious of my friends, did they success bargaining with the socalled "euis" mam instead?

If they don't , where we all gonna sleep for the rest of the year ? haha
Hopefully they are succeed.

It's not night yet, but i almost kill the day. Thank God i canceled because i might wont stand the pressure anyway.

I'll bring it down to the street 4th June.

Oh God, why this feeling always felt heavily inside ?

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