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hard time to think about :(

Finally I have time to write a post again. These weeks had past unconditionally weird. There was to much things to be done, i did multitask that absolutely makes me exhausted.
Well actually those kind of assignment , and work didn't make to much worries.
What made my day felt heavy was i always thinking about friendship, relationship, and some of the kind that actually not necessary to be thought these day.
It always distract me anyway.

First of all , i want to tell you about a boy named Jo. 
I don't know how i can get to this feeling when i didn't know him at all.
It started out as a feeling i had from the very fist day i went to Unpar.
He was one of the mentors that lead on spot D, my spot.
He was charming, handsome, and attractive, and i know for sure, he is popular.
I don't know his name, till few weeks later, someone introduced me to him. Man, that was like a heavenly time, i never thought that i would have a chance to get know him.
Anyway, next important thing is, when i was in jakarta, i went to church, and i saw him in the church. It felt like a thousand birds singing and ringing inside me. We're in the same religion. Ow, i'm in love with him.

16 April, it was his birthday. The day before it,  I planned to greet him, but i don't know how.
But suddenly I don't know how, he greet me first. I'm flattered for real.
So I was courage to greet him by Facebook.
And he replied my wall. I'm happy.

But overall, i know i can't hope to much because i know we are in a different part of society.
I may only can see him from a far. At least i know that he know me :D

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