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a conclusion

Today i woke up with a heavy dizzy growling in my head.
i was sick. I'm not in a good mood, our last night chat was really bad, i dont even remember what did i say. I've started some conversation with him and today i need to get it finished.

So there i was. I got to the class, i was trying to put attention to the lecture but i just cant get my mind concentrate.
I don't have the guts to say anything. But this is what i want to have, not having any relationship, just for now. Maybe not with this guy.

So then the class dismissed early, i went to see him. He wasn't anywhere. I didn't want to call him, nor text him. So i wait a little bit more. But then, finally i texted him.
And he came.

First of all, i just didn't know yet what am i suppose to say. Every word that i've thought clearly just vanished in a second.
But then i tried to start the conversation.
I tried to explain everything that i have in my mind. And he understand every word.
That was quite startled me when i know that he has the same thought as i did. ( i wonder does he said that because he just want me to be relief)
But anyway, this is the best for us, so we broke up. But we know , we'll be a better friend just now on.

Thank God, i really did relief.

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